Studying at a University for Natural Resources and Life Science and there is a must to attend course called corporate sustainability scheduled in a later semester but, I decided to join this course already earlier. There are various reason of why now and not later, I want to mention some of them. There are five main topics: food system, clothes, consumer electronics, UN Global Compact and Social enterprises. I have already been engaged with those topics and will also probably in the future besides my university life, it`s never too early to begin to write or blog about future-oriented topics.

Furthermore, since I my A-level exams, I unfortunately didn’t really write constantly in English, by the way this is a lack in our educational system…CSR course is a first opportunity to get started writing English frequently, improve critical writing skills

“How we could challenge the future?”

During the first class I got the feeling of –Well that´s seems to be not a rund of the mine “lecture”, this teacher makes things other way around that was the moment where I got more motivated and that made the ball rolling.

Nonetheless I have some open questions in my mind: time management (will I managed to write frequently? What about other duties? My language “barriers”, thinking in four different languages that makes it sometimes hard to have the correct word order. How about WordPress, if I am not a WordPress guru what then?

Well we will see…

Finally “To succeed you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality.” Anita Roddick

Photo taken by my friend J. Depken in Brazil